3G And 4G Services In Pakistan

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Peoples are using internet nowadays everywhere because internet is useful for everything but Many individuals are worried about best 4G network the web paces and availability with regards to purchasing 4G/LTE web bundles. Albeit, every one of the organizations offer 3G web in many ranges crosswise over Pakistan yet 4G/LTE is offered just by Zong, Warid and Telenor and in particular territories.


Zong was the main organization to offer 4G web in Pakistan and it is the biggest system in Pakistan as far as 4G system. You can likewise check the Zong 4G scope of various urban communities.

Warid LTE

Warid is the second biggest 4G network which covers most urban and rural urban communities. Checkout Warid 4G city savvy scope here


Telenor has propelled their 4G benefit in the no so distant past; it’s been a year since they have begun offering 4G benefit. At first they began free trials in 6 noteworthy urban communities. Presently Telenor scope is extended to all real urban areas of Pakistan. Visit Telenor scope outline

We should Compare The Performance Now


I for one utilize Zong 4G and have encountered the speed varieties in various areas and times. At the point when it’s a pinnacle time the speed can be minimal down to 12 mbps to 18 mbps. It additionally relies on upon the area where gathering is great or terrible. Yet, not too bad up til now, Zong is turning into a highest quality level in 4G administrations.


Warid is practically like Zong regarding speed with minor varieties, yet there are points of interest and inconveniences for both. Zong system is various and has solid client base while Warid has moderately littler range of scope. In any case, it has been seen that in the event that you go towards rural region Warid may drop flags and wind up plainly weaker.

Besides, Warid 4G bundles are the least expensive in the market and Zong is bit costly.

Shouldn’t something be said about Telenor SPEED

Not embarrassing Telenor but rather individuals are getting a charge out of sharing their thoughts in hilarious way; a current refresh on Facebook hauls the real truth out in the open;


Some Telenor Speed Test pictures and recordings are on the web which could abandon you out of the loop. Be that as it may, those tests are from Telenor Europe Company and have demonstrated enormous velocities.

Presently you can choose which system is best at your considering cost, quality and accessibility.

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